Ready Quadro 4 wheel scooter marketed in Milan

when driving a four-wheeled vehicle to move the whole body to the destination while riding a motorcycle like moving the whole soul because of various fun there .
This time , however Quadro bring a scooter with four wheel drive that has a sensation of a motorcycle but with the comfort of a car .

Autoevolution launch pages , written on Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) , the Italian automobile manufacturer , Quadro , are testing their latest four -wheel scooter . This unique scooter had previously introduced on the mat EICMA last year .

Quadro scooter being tested is trying to avoid the media spotlight . However , when followed , the scooter was capable of racing up to speeds of 90 km / hour .

The presence of the 4-wheel scooter gives a new color to the existing scooter . With 4 wheel riders who owned it advantageous when driving on the streets are wet .

His four wheel design gives comfort to the Quadro when running at high speeds . In addition to the stability of the motor is also very good when maneuvering .

It is unique to the motor body Quadro participating skewed when turning but still stable . Four- wheel design patterns unlike Quadro owned cars and dynamic enough to counteract the centrifugal force when the force at the bend .

According to rumors , Quadro will officially launch his four- wheeled scooter to the market in the event the EICMA 2014 .

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